Happy Mother’s Day


This is a few days late but since last fall there have been so many things happening that our blogs have suffered. One of the things going on has been our moving as a prelude to retirement. In the process a good many things resurface that have been, not lost, just out of reach. Among these are some pictures of Margaret Edythe Young’s daughter that we publish here.


Margaret Edythe Young was a mother and her daughter would become one as well. After that there would be a two generation poverty of daughter’s in the family but finally her great grandson would become the father of a daughter who would be her first great great grandchild.

laureene2When we found these pictures we shared them with friends – they are after all pictures of my mother – and the unsolicited and unprompted reaction was that they were pictures of Margaret Edythe Young’s great great grand daughter. There is a fabric and a continuity to life and families – the pictures were taken at Margaret Edythe Young’s father’s house – that is a comfort, maybe more of one as we age.


To my grandmother and my mother – who are not so much gone as gone before – and to my grand daughter who loves her dollies as much as those who came before her ever did I say, “Happy mother’s day”.


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